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The Re:Treat team are all highly trained and fully qualified. It is our mission to use these skills to make you feel more relaxed, healthier and more beautiful. Come and meet the Re:Treat team. We're here to make you feel better.

The founder of Re:Treat Hair and Holistics, has over 18 years experience in both massage and hairdressing. Working for businesses such as Saks, Cuttlefish, 2 years at The Bomb, the 'Me' Clinic, various retreats throughout the UK and an exclusive top class retreat in Sri Lanka, she worked regularly as a hairdresser in a Brighton salon before leaving to concentrate on her own hair care business. With a real feel for the community, she has worked in various retirement homes as well as centres for adults with learning difficulties. Other organizations that she works with include TLC Marketing/Nectar and the housing association carrying out on-site visits, to provide 1/2 hour massages.

Danielle qualified as a holistic therapist in 1996 and as a hairdresser in 1998. Since then, she has qualified in Advanced Reflexology, 'Indian Head massage, LA Stone Therapy, pregnancy massage, sports massage, Hopi Ear Candles and Kinesiology Body Balance, and Thai massage. She is fully insured by the FHT and has a current CRB clearance check.

Victoria Auton:
Victoria has been a fully qualified and practising Massage Therapist since 1998. Working in Holistic health clinics such as Re:Treat and Equilibrium, she also works privately in nursing homes and hospitals around Sussex. She offers treatments and demonstrating workshops in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian head massage, Thai yoga massage and Reiki.

Her qualifications include diplomas and advanced level diplomas with the Aromatherapy and Allied Practitioners Association, the Reflexology and Allied Practitioners Association, the Metta school of Thai massage and she has achieved Reiki masters status at the Living light project. She is also one of the founding members of the Sumana Thai Massage Clinic in Brighton.

Victoria is completely dedicated, and passionate about her work. So much so that even though she is already highly qualified, she still continues to study complementary health



I have been specializing in alternative hair styles for the past 15 years.
I can work with all hair types and do a variety of styles, including dreadlocks, dreadlock maintenance, braids, rope twists and woollen wraps.I can do natural or synthetic extensions. When making and maintaining natural dreadlocks I prefer to use a crochet hook and no products, but happy to at your request.

I have worked all over the south of the country, from Cornwall to Kent, worked at many festivals, and have spent a year working in two alternative hairdressers in Camden High Street and Market.

I am now based from my home in Brighton.

I am looking to train in human hair extensions and wedding hair styles in the near future, and am currently focusing my time on learning varied styles of cornrows, french braids etc.

I am always open to and enjoy trying new styles and ideas.

Holly Skinner:
Holly is a CrossFit Certified Coach living in Brighton who is available through Re:Treat. She offers personal training and small classes. Holly has been using the CrossFit method for over a year and has seen outstanding results. The method is based on constantly varied, functional movement and moderate to high intensity.

Janice Charlesworth - (Charlie)

07776311005 / 01273 479436 Restorative Practitioner

I am an active member of FSHG - A Seaford Healing and Complimentary Therapy Training School and Personal Development Organisation/ Charity. I am also a member of UK Healers- a Governing UK Registered Body for recognised Healing Organisations. Therapies practised include- Holistic Reflexology and Zone therapy

Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. Our feet are a map to the physical and energetic systems within our bodies and directly correlate to the organs, muscles, bones and energetic aspects of the body in many ways. The presentation of the feet are a good indication as to the health and wellbeing of an individual and many aspects to health can be discovered and supported with this non-invasive and generally deeply relaxing treatment.
Within the experience of Reflexology the 'reflexes' on and around the feet, ankles and sometimes legs , are massaged and 'worked' to increase their capacity to function more fully. This added support to the body through the corresponding reflexes can not only enhance general health and wellbeing, but has also been known to improve physical and mental/ emotional ailments, support circulation and immunity response, improve sleep, balance hormones, relax muscle tension and reduce stress symptoms...and much more.

The Healing Energy utilised within this 'complete' treatment is the same energy that surrounds us and the earth all of the time. It is both of the earth and is woven within and around all living things, some call it 'electromagnetic 'energy, others call it by other names and from other places..but it exists all the same no matter what your beliefs, and this has been proven within both the scientific and esoteric traditions. It can be more easily used and directed for use by a Healer Practitoner trained in working with these kinds of energies, but actually anyone can do this for themselves with enough guidance and knowledge.
This energy can sometimes become 'depleted or low' within our bodies and this can begin to lead to symptoms of ill-health,stress, tiredness, sadness etc, this in turn creates areas within and around the body which have become 'low' in energy and the trained Healer is able to begin to increase those depleted areas will fresh, new energy, thus increasing health. Experiences from the treatments have sometimes been described as 'extremely relaxing'. with added mental clarity, calmness, reduced stress, improved physical symptoms are also reported and much more. Again this treatment is non-invasive with a slight touch on the body with the hands.

Holistic Massage
A gentle and slow massage, with thorough attention to the muscles and tissues of the body. This type of massage offers a deeper treatment to reduce tension held within the body. By massaging in this way the body is encouraged to 'let-go ' and 're-align' itself at its own pace, without force and pressure added into this type of massage, the body is able to receive the healing and nourishment it requires.

Am also able to offer: Stress Reduction and Relaxation with Mindfulness/visualisation and simple physical exercise.

I have also been trained in teaching practical techniques of ' Self Awareness' or 'Mindfulness' for various aspects to Stress, Health and wellbeing. These techniques are a great 'simple' way to become aware of our 'inner dialogues' and how we act them out daily/hourly without even thinking about it. They can help individuals to experience the mind / body connection directly and more importantly 'consciously', to enable them to take control of their own thoughts and begin to turn them into ones that are more positive and beneficial to their health. These techniques can also be used alongside a gentle programme of exercises aimed at improving focus and self awareness, a great way of moving away from the 'chatterings' of the mind and getting the body involved in the process of positive change.

Call Danielle on 07817 361 791 to book an appointment or just to find out more…

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